Har kört med balsammetoden ett bra tag nu och är helt frälst. Mitt hår växer snabbt och ser friskt och starkt ut. Sist jag kikade hittade jag två (!)kluvna hårtoppar. Två mannen…

Jag har gått över till Elvitals volume collagen balsam som tvättbalsam. Den tynger inte ner håret och får det rent på en tvätt. Jag har också bytt vårdande balsam och inpackning och kör numer enbart på Naked rescues intensive care balsam och inpackning. Dom är lite dyrare men lätt värt det.  Dom är till 97% (eller mer) helt naturliga och innehåller varken sulfater, parabener, petrokemiska ingredienser eller ftalater och är inte testade på djur. Rena miraklet för mitt hår! Det luktar dessutom himmelskt av kokos/kola/karamell…Naked rescue säljs bland annat på Apoteket hjärtat på Mariatorget och i Hornstull. Prova mamis!


”Free your body from… Parabens.

Look on the back of most toiletries bottles and you’ll find parabens lurking in there somewhere. They’re generally included because they are aggressive in destroying most of the bacteria that form in toiletries, but it’s this very same nastiness (slap an ASBO on them we say) that makes them a common irritant responsible for many skin allergies. More worryingly, they are earning a bad reputation amongst those studying the causes of breast cancer. There’s no conclusive evidence linking the two but that’s why we won’t put parabens in our Naked products


”Free your body from… Petrochemicals.

Ingredients such as petrolatum, paraffin liquidum and mineral oils are added to many toiletries as smoothing agents for a quick result i.e. instantly soft skin or smooth hair. However these types of products often sit heavily on your skin and hair causing  blocked pores and residue build up and lank hair.  We don’t think they are necessary and without them, your skin will soon be able to breathe freely again – that’s why you won’t see petrochemicals in our ingredients lists.”


”Free your body from… Sodium Laureth / Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

SLS is the most common surfactant used in toiletries to make them foam and cleanse. It is widely used by manufacturers because it’s cheap and effective but it can cause everyday skin complaints from dryness to red, tight itchy skin. It can also aggravate more serious conditions like eczema and dermatitis. This is because fundamentally SLS is a harsh detergent and can strip the skin and hair of its natural oils.  So you’ll never ever see any SLS in Naked products – instead we use a cleansing and foaming agent derived from apple that is much softer and kinder to your skin


”Free your body from… Phthalates.

Phthalates are chemicals used in many toiletries to help the fragrance last longer. Some of them have been linked to studies on reproductive system disruption and carcinogens. There’s no conclusive evidence but we choose not to use them in our products.